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On the town with Notting Hill escorts

It doesn’t have to be carnival time in Notting Hill to have a good time and if there’s anyone who can tell you about it, it’s one of our Notting Hill escorts

There’s a reason they stay in Notting Hill you know, and it’s not the house prices!  They choose this area because it’s one of the most vibrant, diverse and interesting places in London, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.  Take a little look at some of the Notting Hill hot spots, and then perhaps consider booking some Notting Hill escort company whilst you’re out and about.

  • Trailer Happiness.  We’re not quite sure what a “tiki bar” is to be perfectly honest, but this place claims to be one.  It’s a lovely little basement bar that has become a really fashionable place to hang out.  The décor in the place might seem a little odd to some, but this place is a great little bar to meet Notting Hill escorts!
  • Notting Hill Arts Club.  For those of you who like the chic and trendy type of hang out.  It’s got a reasonably young crowd here, playing lots of garage, dubstep and the like.  It’s a dancers dream really and a very friendly bunch.  Open late, cocktails and beautiful young people; what more could you want?
  • The Portobello Star.  Most of you gin lovers out there will more than likely know this place already, since it’s where you’ll find the now world famous Portobello gin.  It’s not the only gin on sale here of course, they have more gin than they really need to be perfectly honest.  The food here is great too if you’re planning on making a night of it with one of our Notting Hill escorts.  We know many of them love this place anyway!
  • Negozio Classica.  Incredibly relaxed Italian wine bar that has a lovely atmosphere.  Arguably the best out of all we’ve mentioned to take that someone special for a little flirting and chat over some really special wines.  Go during the cocktail hour and it’s a lot busier, however there is free food on offer at this time.  Truly delicious meats and cheeses are served generously to those drinking here.  It really is in the true spirit of the Italians to have a bar like this.

Escorts in Notting Hill

So whether you want to take one of our delightful escorts in Notting Hill with you for a drink, a dance, maybe a spot of dinner and some romance, or not, you’re sure to enjoy yourself.  If you’re going to see one of our Notting Hill escorts when you’ve been out, be sure not to mention where you’ve been to her; you’ll only make her jealous!

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